Wednesday, August 31, 2011

it's my party and i'll cry if i want to

My birthday was this last Tuesday and something I have come to realize is birthday's just really aren't as great as they used to be. Just another day. It was a good day though. Kenna brought me in a hand made card and gift when she woke up. She gave me a beautiful necklace and earring set. I love it! After I took her to school, I had to go sit with Bev for a while, then I picked up Kenna and we waited for grandma and grandpa to get home from work so that we could go to the Zoo. I had wanted to take Kenna to the Zoo all summer because they had a dinosaur thing going on up there and I thought Kenna would like it. So we finally went. She did like it. =) She got to ride the carousel 3 times because people kept giving us there unused tickets, she thought that was awesome! She also got to dig for dino bones and go on the train with grandma. It was a little overcast when we got there and it actually felt pretty good, but it got HOT! I was dying of the heat and I didn't feel very good when we got home. We got Hawaiian pizza for dinner and then my grandpa came over for cake and ice cream. So really, I didn't want to cry at all on my birthday...except when we had to climb that last hill at the zoo in the freakin heat, but I kept it in. lol  

We got to see the elephants up close. Too bad the windows are so dirty! 

This one made a sound right before I took this pic and it scared her lol 
This was gross! 

ride #1 
ride #2 
ride #3 
diggin her little heart out 

This little guy was so cute! I wish this wasn't blurry. 


Well, it's official. My little girl isn't really little anymore. She had her first day of Kindergarten on Monday and she LOVED it! When we were driving to school Kenna said, "Mom, you can just drop me off. I know where to go." I said, "NO! Mommy has to come with you on your first day!" Stinkin little independent girl! I thought for sure that I would cry my eyes out, but I didn't. Kenna loves school and I'd be lying if I said I don't enjoy a little time to myself every day.

Outside of her class 
With her buddy "Tipher" 
There she goes! 
In her seat 
After school

Kenna got to celebrate her birthday with her class today and she was dubbed the Birthday Queen and got to tell everyone about herself by showing them a poster about herself, that she worked very hard on and got to give treats out.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

girls night out

AH! I love me a girls night out! I got to go out with my girlfriends; Stacie, Shelli and Tara for my birthday this weekend. We went out to eat at Red Robin and then we walked around some of the District's stores (including Hobby Lobby!), we then concluded our evening with goodies from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory! Thank you so much girls! I loved all the gifts, but I love you guys more! It was so nice to get out and Kenna was with her daddy so I didn't feel guilty about having to ask my parents to watch her and Kenna had a fun night with her daddy and his family so all around it was GREAT!
Tara, Shelli, Stacie and me outside of Hobby Lobby 

who doesn't love mail like this?

Kenna was sooo happy when she found out she had a package to open that came in the mail just for her! Thank you so much Angela! She loves her frame and Rapunzel and Flynn Rider dolls!!! And I love the cute shirts and car seat cover for Sullivan!!! We love you!!!!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

mckenna kaye is 5 years old!

My sweet little girl is 5? So weird! I feel so old lol. Kenna started out her birthday with her Kindergarten assessment (she did well), followed by her all time favorite meal; chicken and fries and then we set up for her Rapunzel birthday party extravaganza and waited for her friends to come. She was so excited for all of her friends to come! All together there were 7 kids and that was PLENTY! The kids got to paint sun catchers and rings, they played pin the nose on Flynn Rider, hit the crap out of a pinata (I got a cheaper one and it actually lasted a long time), played around, ate dinner and then Kenna opened her presents, everyone got a cupcake and they were on their way. Then my grandpa and uncle came over for ice cream. Kenna got a lot of great gifts and we are so grateful for such wonderful and supportive friends and family members.
chicken n' fries 

Kenna with the activities and favors 
I cut back on the decorations this year 

Kenna and her crew
Get it girl! 
Go Hina! 
Yay Seah! 

Kenna got it! 

jello boats 
I realize this isn't a good picture of the kids, but it shows the spread.

Caydence, Keala, Kenna, Emma, Seah, Hina and Christopher 
She's so excited for this shirt? 
Kenna's cake =) 
Happy Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!!! I Love you so much!!!!