Wednesday, July 28, 2010

pioneer day peterson style

For Pioneer Day we went over to my grandpas house for a BBQ and stellar fireworks show! I am so grateful to be able to spend time with my grandpa. I love him! Thank goodness for Pioneers! =)
Kenna and Grandpa Pete
Kenna and grandpa
Me and Grandpa =)
"sparkulars" as Kenna calls them
Me and my Momma


hina's hawaiian birthday

Kenna's best friend Hina had her Hawaiian birthday bash on the 23rd. Good thing the Lokotuis brought Kenna a muumuu from Hawaii from the last time they were there! I cannot believe how fast these kids are growing up! Kenna and Hina are 30 days apart so that means that my baby girl is almost 4! Holy smokes!!!!

Tara, Me, Shelli, Trophine and Erin!
Cindy, Trophine, Shelli, Tara and myself
The girls!

a day in the city

 So almost every Wednesday this Summer my mom and I have tried to take Kenna some where fun and cheap because I only have one class on Wednesdays and am home by 10am. Last Wednesday we decided we wanted to go walk around down town. So we drove over to the trax station and rode it to the Gateway, then we went a walked around the Planetarium, let Kenna play in the fountains (which lasted up until she got blasted with water in her eye lol poor thing), took trax over to temple square when it started to rain. We tried to wait it out but ended up still walking around while it was raining. Then we took trax back to our car and Kenna took a big fat cat nap!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

days of 47 youth parade

Kenna had the opportunity to be in the Days of 47 Youth Parade this last Saturday. Since she's a Sunbeam she had to ride in her wagon the whole time, which was fine with her. It was h-o-t HOT! The kids had to dress as either a pioneer, a missionary or they could dress up as what they wanted to be when they grow up. She said she wanted to be a singer, so she was. =) I'm glad Kenna got to be in the parade, I can remember when I was little and got to be in it too.
Kenna with our stakes float, which won an award
on her "stage"
She waved the whole time
She was so excited to see grandma and grandpa!


My mom, Kenna and I took my cute little grandpa up to Kennecott because it was free day and Kennecott used to have a gun in the museum that my grandpa and his brother Ralph actually found a loooong time ago back when they lived in Garfield. Unfortunately, they didn't have the gun there anymore, it's in the good ole' Kennecott vault. Hopefully they'll put it back out in the museum because I would love to get a picture of my grandpa with his gun. =) We had fun!