Monday, July 25, 2011

happy polynesian day! wait...what?

This morning before I went to the singles ward I was trying to explain to McKenna why we celebrate Pioneer day and how they came from very far and yada yada yada. So tonight after we had a very nice BBQ at my Uncle Cory's house, we were lighting the massive amounts of fireworks that my cute little grandpa had bought and I said to Kenna, "Kenna, why are we lighting fireworks? What are we celebrating?", she then said, " Cause the Polynesians are coming." lol Close enough. Apparently I need to let Kenna in on the fact that the Pioneers (and Polynesians) have already come. Anyways, Happy Polynesian Day!
I love these two! 

Dad, Aunt Sondra, Grandpa Pete and Kenna.
My Mom and Uncle Cory were lighting the fireworks.
In addition to all of our fireworks, a lot of my Aunt and Uncle's neighbors had bought a ton of the aerial fireworks and we got to enjoy them too. Thanks neighbor's!

mail call

Almost 2 weeks ago Kenna got 2, that's right 2!, birthday party invites in the mail on the same day. She thought that was AWESOME! She got to go the first party this last Saturday. It was for her little buddy Mikayla, who turned 7 and is baby Lucas's biggest sister. =) It was at a really cute gymnastic place in Bountiful called Flip's. Kenna was a little out of her element, but she had so much fun and played so hard that she even volunteered to take a nap when we got home from the party. Heck yes! We are so happy that we got to go to Mikayla's party and we are thankful for her and her wonderful family. It is such a blessing to know that baby Lucas is so well taken care of and is so loved.

"hands up" 
"kind of stands up" 
Not so baby anymore Lucas 
30 weeks! 
Grandma and Grandpa with Lucas

Kenna's next party is on Tuesday for her bestie Hina!

3+6+4=too many!

We have kittens...again. Yeah, yeah, yeah...get them fixed. We know! We have received conflicting info about when you can get momma cats spayed after having kittens. So, we're working on it. We already had 3 cats. Chloe, a cat Mike and his girlfriend brought home as their "love" kitten. lol He brought her home when we still had Abby (the calico we had had since I was in the 5th grade). After Abby got killed by two pit bulls Mike brought home Mazy, the only boy, to try and comfort my mom. Chloe had Lilly, our calico, in her first litter and we kept her because she reminded us of Abby. So 3 cats, which in my opinion is 2 too many. On the 7th of this month, Chloe had 6 kittens. Which is the biggest of the 3 litters she's had. A week later Lilly had 4 kittens, her biggest of the 2 litters she has had. So we currently have 13 cats. GROSS! That said, these are probably the cutest kittens ever!
Kenna with all 10 of the kittens 

Lilly's litter (they're the cutest) 
Chloe's litter 
I love this little guy 

Oh, and we still have poor old Marty. Who by my calculations is about 84 years old (in dog years duh).

Thursday, July 21, 2011

artsy fartsy

On Saturday Kenna and I went up to the U to pick up her dad from work and we got there before he got off. Since I have to go potty about every 10 seconds, we went into the Utah Museum of Fine Arts to use the facilities and we were lucky enough to have come on a day that was not only free admission, but also had a free craft for kids. So we walked around a bit and then Kenna got to make a real awesome frame. I wish I could have walked around a little longer and read up on the art pieces, but Kenna was not very interested. After we went to lunch Kenna ran around in the fountains at Valley Fair mall. I got in too for a little bit cause it was HOT! She loved it. =) Then we came home and she got to swim with her dad.


This one was for grandpa 

I had to make things for her frame out of model clay...I'm not so good at that. She wanted to make flowers and I couldn't even do that so we went nautical and she got a star fish, a sand dollar, an anchor and a fish. 

For whatever reason, this scared Kenna. 
It really scared her and we just thought it was funny. lol Poor Kenna. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


On July 7th my dad was pretty sick. He was very dizzy and nauseous. He really didn't make a full recovery and he had even started to slur his speech. On the 12th he was supposed to go with our wards young women group as one of the priesthood leaders until the 15th. On the night of the 11th my mom kept pushing him to go see a Dr. She and I thought it would be best if he just went straight to the ER as opposed to going to the Instacare and then having to go to the ER anyways and accruing another bill (since we wondered if he had maybe had a stroke). He did NOT want to go! Mostly because he and my mom do not have insurance and I'm sure he was scared too. So he finally gave into my mom and went to the Instacare, after they took his blood pressure they told him he needed to go to the ER. His b/p was 220/120. Shortly after they got to the ER, my dad was admitted to the ICU. They took cat scans and MRI and ran some other tests to make sure everything was OK. Luckily, there was no damage to his heart, brain or kidneys! He was released from the hospital on the 14th and is now on a regiment of b/p pills and a low sodium diet. His speech is still slurred, but it's getting better everyday. The neurologist said that sometimes when your b/p is so high it can scramble your neurons and cause slurred speech. They also said he would feel worse for a couple of weeks with lower blood pressure until his body can adjust to it. I'm not going to lie, it was very unnerving seeing my dad laying in a hospital bed. It was very scary.We are so VERY grateful that he is OK! We are so grateful that everything turned out the way it did! We are so grateful for wonderful family, friends and ward members that were so concerned. We're grateful for their visits and calls and offers to do anything we needed help with.We are so very blessed!

Friday, July 15, 2011

catch up

 I'll start back at last weekend when Kenna and I went up to Springville to hang out with the Lokotui's for her grandma's birthday. We went to Tucano's with Grandma Lokotui, Aunty Isa and Aunty Ana, cousin Suka and daddy. It was very yummy and I ate WAY to much! Afterwards Kenna and Suka played in the splash pad outside the restaurant.

Then on Monday morning Kenna got her new bike! She loves it! She's working on getting to be a great rider. We went up to our ward house, which is where I learned how to ride my bike when I was her age.I got her elbow and knee pads, but they didn't fit. So of course she fell the first time when she wasn't wearing any, but it wasn't a bad fall and she got back on and kept trying. She just wanted to have grandma next to her the whole time.

On Tuesday my friend Shelli and I were able to go watch a live taping of Good Things Utah. It was weird to see it live.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

the bitch is back

Up until recently, I feel I've been a rather patient pregnant person. I remember being much more irritable while pregnant with Kenna. I think I've been more patient with this pregnancy because of Kenna. However, I've reached the point where I don't really care to hold back when things are bothering me. I'm starting to swell up, I am always congested and feeling short of breath, I always have to burp, I am always HOT, Esp. my feet and can't get comfortable. I'm feeling rather miserable and sorry for myself. So sorry if I snap at you. Just kidding I don't give a shit if I do. lol No but seriously, sorry.

fourth of july

I love the Fourth of July! I love going to the Magna Parade. We've gone ever since I can remember. We always have a BBQ at my grandpa's and then we go back out to Magna to watch fireworks. This year we also meet up with Kenna and Sulli's dad and his family after the parade for a continuation of his family reunion. I was so happy that it wasn't super hot! It even rained a little during the parade and it felt so good. I was worried that I would swell up like I did the Fourth of July when I was pregnant with Kenna. The fireworks were great this year! I love the USA!!!

Grandpa Pete came to the parade this year =) 
Get it Kenna! 
Kenna, Jenna and Tiera 
Kenna and Jenna (they were born 3 days apart) 

At the Kauvaka party 

The big monkey helping the little monkey cross the monkey bars. 
OK, so this was my first try ever with face painting. Don't judge me! lol She was waiting so patiently to get her face painted and the face painters were busy and her daddy was going to paint a "Y" on her face so I had to help her out. She was cool with it at least.

Before we went to watch fireworks.  
Lovin it!