Thursday, October 28, 2010

just a little update

I can NOT believe how fast this freakin year is goin by! I am more than ready for this semester to be over already! Bah I've never been more unmotivated in my life and I'm hoping I don't feel the same way next semester. I may or may not be getting a job at Kohl's doing ad set. I did this about 3 years ago, it's easy and the hours aren't bad. I've gone a few dates here and there and we'll just have to see how things go. =) Other than that there's nothing too new with me.
Kenna is loving school, at least one of is. She recently learned how to float in a swimming pool. She is so excited for Halloween! She's going to be Astrid from How To Train Your Dragon... I'll post pictures later. I can't believe how tall she's getting and how smart she is. It makes me kinda sad and a little baby hungry, but not that hungry!

I am so excited to be surprising McKenna with a trip to Disneyland in 12 days!!! She is gonna be the happiest girl that ever was! We're flying into Long Beach on November 9th early in the morning and we'll hit up the park that day and the 10th and then come home on the 11th. I am so looking forward to seeing her reactions to things in the park. I myself haven't been to Disneyland in over 13 years. We're lucky to have my mom, dad and grandpa coming with us! It's gonna be fun!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

the rebirth of craft night!

YAY! I'm so excited that we started up craft night again!

 Collett, me, Marlee and Meg
These are our scared faces, obviously

caught it!

Guess that means I'm next? Better find a guy! lol

Congrats to my friend Jess and her husband Brian! They had a beautiful reception at the Rio Tinto stadium complete with photo booth.

cookies are better when they have sprinkles

That just about sums it up!  =)

my little pirate

Kenna got invited to her boyfriend Tyler's birthday party and she was over the moon excited about it! It was a pirate themed party so I got Kenna all decked out in the best "princess pirate" gear I could find. Not too bad I'd say.


finally someone else is gonna have a baby!

Good gravy! It is about time one of my high school girl friends had a baby! I was the first to have a baby and ironically the last to be married. lol My friend Aubrie is expecting a baby boy this winter! So my friend Collett, Kenna and I got to go to her baby shower. Kenna is so in love with " Colleck"! In fact when Kenna and I went to the Olive Garden for my friend Jessica's bachelorette party there was a red headed girl waiting outside by us and Kenna got so excited! She said, " Oh Hey! Colleck!". Too bad it wasn't her lol For the record, I love Colleck too. =)

crazy cornmaze

I took Kenna to her first corn maze this year. She loved it! We went with the Young Single Adults in our stake so we got to go with my friends Melanie, Rebecca and her son Steven. My parents were there too because at the time they were over the YSA in our ward. It's a good thing Rebecca was there cause we didn't get lost once!
Steven, Melanie, Kenna, Me

Friday, October 22, 2010

the pizza really is incredible

So, I'd be lying if I said I didn't really like Incredible Pizza. The food is pretty dang good for a buffet, the kids have a ton of fun playing all the different games and therefore get tired from running around nonstop and the cookies are amazing! We especially love going there with the Hafoka's, especially since we haven't been there with anybody else. lol
So after out fun time ended and we got out to the car I had the biggest bird terd I've ever seen on my side window! It was mother truckin disgusting! I was just gagging my brains out when I was cleaning it off! BLECH!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

kenna says

Kenna has some pretty funny sayings! Here are some of the usuals:

"charabe chop" = karate chop

"ever who wins" = whoever wins(this means there will be a race)

"gobbles" = goggles

"paycare" = daycare

"mishimaries" = missionaries

"two-a-dems" = two of them

"simsoups" = swimming suit

"plaer" = prayer

"schrouble" = trouble

"pompenrazzi" = paparazzi

"toodles" = noodles

"told" = cold

"watergarden" = kindergarten

"ofafus" = octopus

"dagoon" = lagoon

"I'm gonna kick your trash out!" = I'm gonna kick your butt!

=) I love these sayings! I'd be lying if I said I'll be happy when she outgrows them.

Monday, September 27, 2010

the circus

I was so excited to surprise McKenna with tickets to the circus! I hadn't been in well over 15 years and she'd never been. I can still remember going to Barnum and Bailey's with my cousin Tommy when we were little. I even still have one of the cups I got a snocone in all those years ago. Come to think of it, I should probably through that away. So, all I told Kenna was that Grandma and I were taking her for a fun surprise. She kept trying to guess..."Are you taking me to Dagoon?(Lagoon)", "the big mountain(Kennecott)", "You're sure you're not taking me to Dagoon?". She was so excited when I finally told her we were going to the circus. She was even more excited after I explained to her what the circus is.
So we got there early and were able to see some of the acts up close and try on some of the performers clothes. My mom bought McKenna a toy, a light up thing with elephants. My mom was a little put out that Kenna didn't pick the cute stuffed tigers. She ended up trading it in at the end of the night for a stuffed elephant mommy and baby combo, which seemed to be OK with my mom. I offered to buy drinks since my mom had bought Kenna the toy and taken us out to eat before the show. Two lemonades and a snocone later I was out 30 bucks. That's just how I roll. My mom evened up the score by buying $12 cotton candy and some popcorn. Kenna enjoyed the circus, I did too. It's amazing to watch how strong the performers are. It's almost mind boggling. All said and done, I'd be OK with not going to the circus for at least another 5 years. Just sayin.

 This was Kenna favorite part.
 So crazy strong!
 She was hanging by her hair. She probably uses Pantene Pro-V.
 He was lifting over a ton, or so they say.
 This was so cool! They had 7 motorcyclists in there.

The End.