Saturday, April 24, 2010

oh hey spring!

Thank mother freakin goodness it's finally starting to warm up! I love this time of the year when everything is blooming and new! I love that I can let Kenna play outside without being worried that she might get frostbite, she likes that too! I love the sunshine! I love going for walks to the park! I love watchin Kenna jump on the tramp, she actually is really good and can do some light weight tricks! I love that Spring semester is practically done!!!!!!
I love this tree!
I love this pic!
I love this girl and her bird feeder!
I love this face! lol

I love her mad air! lol
I love that it's flower pickin season! Watch out dandelions!

jessie's baby shower

My mom and I had the opportunity to give my cousin a baby shower this month. It was fun! I loved making the invites and doing the decoartions! I'm glad we had the shower when we did because she went into labor the next day!

Diaper cake, I know right lol
Jessie and the spread =) some extras

We had such a fun Easter this year! Kenna wore her Easter dress the week before because we had conference on Easter Sunday. She looked so cute! My dad celebrated his 54th birthday on April 1st! The Easter bunny totally came to our house and we had a nice dinner with family and friends. =)
She was mad at me
Starting to warm up!!!
me and my friend Adam up at the Park City outlet mall
dying Easter eggs
Kenna with her empty basket and carrott and lettuce she set out for the Easter bunny
Kenna and Grandpa Pete! It was really hard to not have our sweet grandma with us this Easter.

craft night!

Last month me and some of my closest girlie friends started a monthly craft group! I'm in heaven! I was in charge of the last craft, which is the thing we're holding in the picture. They're just little chipboard books. It was so fun getting together with my buddies! I love catching up with them and I'm excited we'll get to see eachother atleast once a month!

disney on ice

So I took my Little Mermaid, and my Momma, to Disney on Ice again. She had a blast, and so did Kenna!=)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I only have 2 more weeks of class left for this semester!!!!!! I love school, but I am so ready for this semester to be OVER! Too bad I only have a 2 week break before I start back for Summer semester.