Monday, September 27, 2010

the circus

I was so excited to surprise McKenna with tickets to the circus! I hadn't been in well over 15 years and she'd never been. I can still remember going to Barnum and Bailey's with my cousin Tommy when we were little. I even still have one of the cups I got a snocone in all those years ago. Come to think of it, I should probably through that away. So, all I told Kenna was that Grandma and I were taking her for a fun surprise. She kept trying to guess..."Are you taking me to Dagoon?(Lagoon)", "the big mountain(Kennecott)", "You're sure you're not taking me to Dagoon?". She was so excited when I finally told her we were going to the circus. She was even more excited after I explained to her what the circus is.
So we got there early and were able to see some of the acts up close and try on some of the performers clothes. My mom bought McKenna a toy, a light up thing with elephants. My mom was a little put out that Kenna didn't pick the cute stuffed tigers. She ended up trading it in at the end of the night for a stuffed elephant mommy and baby combo, which seemed to be OK with my mom. I offered to buy drinks since my mom had bought Kenna the toy and taken us out to eat before the show. Two lemonades and a snocone later I was out 30 bucks. That's just how I roll. My mom evened up the score by buying $12 cotton candy and some popcorn. Kenna enjoyed the circus, I did too. It's amazing to watch how strong the performers are. It's almost mind boggling. All said and done, I'd be OK with not going to the circus for at least another 5 years. Just sayin.

 This was Kenna favorite part.
 So crazy strong!
 She was hanging by her hair. She probably uses Pantene Pro-V.
 He was lifting over a ton, or so they say.
 This was so cool! They had 7 motorcyclists in there.

The End.

Monday, September 20, 2010

nice day huh

Kenna makes some pretty good observations. This is one she made today
Kenna: "It's a pretty nice day today, huh mom."
Me: "Yeah it is nice outside."
Kenna: "I should ride my scooter or my bike."
So that's what we did.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

goodbye pool...hello fall!

First of all, I would like to start off by saying how grateful I am to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints! On Saturday we had the opportunity to go to the temple while the baby Sheena had ( Baby Lucas =) ) was sealed to his parents and sisters for time and all eternity. What a wonderful blessing, to know that families are forever. I am so grateful for that knowledge and so grateful that baby Lucas will know that too.

So we started to drain the pool when we got home from the temple, it's still draining right now (it's about 9:30 pm Sunday night). So Kenna had her last hurrah and swam pretty much all day Saturday. We also had a ward carnival and that was actually pretty fun. There was cotton candy, I LOVE COTTON CANDY!

I am SO excited for Fall to finally get here! I love sweater weather with all my heart! I really just love this time of the year up until about January 2nd. School starts, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New years...LOVE IT!

At Temple Square
In the waiting room
Kenna's trick (holding her breath)
When the water got lower she would swim, like actually swim.
She wouldn't ever do that when the pool was full.
At the Ward Carnival, lol the power got cut momentarily and the bounce house went down.
Last time swimmin in the pool for this year.
It's getting closer!

my little cheerleader

Kenna did the mini cheer workshop last week out at Cyprus and she LOVED it, yet again. She actually does quite well with timing and shaking her bum, chip off the ole' block I guess. =) It's so cute to watch her! She had practice 3 times and then preformed during half time of the Cyprus vs. Hunter game (Hunter won, duh).
 My cousins little girl Jenna, did the workshop too.
 I was so sad, my camera crapped out during her performance ( I was recording) so I didn't get it on tape.
=( I was so pissed! On the ride home from the game Kenna said, "Mom, what's the matter? Why are you sad?" and I said, "Well baby girl I'm sad I didn't get to record you dancing so we could watch it again, because my camera wouldn't work." She then said, "It's OK momma, we'll just go to the store in the morning and get some new batteries for you camera!" =) She is so stinkin sweet! 
She did very well and I am one proud momma!

At practice =)
Kenna and Jenna
My little Cheerleader!
Kenna and Grandma (my mom takes tickets at the games)
About to perform
Doin the dang thing!
So proud of my little girl!