Friday, March 23, 2012

soccer mom, etc...

As mentioned in previous updates, Kenna is playing soccer. She loves it! I honestly NEVER wanted any of my kids to play soccer. Only because it's one of my least favorite sports. However, I have decided that I LOVE watching anything involving my kids. That includes soccer. Especially when 5-6 year old kids are involved. So I'm OK with being a soccer mom.
Up until last week her team had been whomped on every game. Usually because there is 1 really good kid on the other team. Last week was the Tigers time to shine. They won 5-1! Kenna even had an assist! She gets better every week! One of the weeks she tried her hand at goalie. She stopped 2 goals and 2 got in. She didn't want to be goalie after that. She wants to play t-ball after soccer and I am ecstatic about it!
Kenna with her cheerleaders =) 
What the craziest kicker ever? 
After this is when she decided she didn't want to goalie anymore. Happens to the best of them! 
I am so proud of my big girl!!!

Sulli weighs 15 lbs and is 25 3/8 inches long. He is in the 16th and 19th percentile. I love my little skinny boy! It is weird having a tiny baby. Kenna was always in the 90th percentile. Sulli loves eating and his spitting is almost nonexistent! Anyways, here are some of the latest Sulli pics.
This was the day our cat "Chloe" (the ugliest cat ever) had her babies. We could tell she was going to have them because she was acting weird and actually letting Sulli touch her. She'd even lick him when he cried. (gross) 
Little dude is ready for summer! 

Now here are some pics from Kenna's Cheer performance...

Here are some "Just because" pics...

The kids with the kittens... 
Sulli's first time holding a kitten 
He was mad because Kenna was taking the kitten away from him. lol

On St. Patrick's Day The kids went up to what Kenna calls "Bombox" (Boondocks), for their cousin Suka's birthday party. Kenna had a blast and lucked into over 1200 tickets and got to get some awesome prizes! She also got to ride the bumper boats and go carts with her dad and played laser tag with me.

And just for good measure, here's Sulli on his first St. Patty's day and Kenna on hers. =)

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