Tuesday, December 27, 2011

sicky sickersons

Ever since McKenna started Kindergarten and the colder weather hit, we have been involved in a non-stop sick-a-thon. As soon as the 3 of us get better...Kenna brings something new home that one of her friends is kind enough to give her (or maybe she's just rude enough to take, either way). I then get it and then poor little Sulli boy gets it. I know it just comes with the territory of having a child that goes to school, but it SUCKS! I really don't care so much about me getting sick, it's my kids that I feel bad for. Especially Sulli. Its soo sad! Anyways...

We had a WONDERFUL Christmas! I LOVE being able to spend so much time with family!

I love making gifts. I made some stuffed owls for Kenna's friends and some hand scrub for my friends.
On the 22nd we had our Simons family party!
On the 23rd we had dinner at my Uncle Cory's house.

On Christmas Eve, Kenna spread out reindeer food (oats and sparkles) so the "big guy" could find our house, Sulli was a good boy and I had to go to Walmart twice. Grandpa Pete and my Uncle Cory came over for dinner and Kenna got to open 1 gift (jammies). We tracked Santa online so we knew when Kenna had to be to bed.
Here's how our Christmas day went-

6:30- Sulli woke up, I fed and changed him and we waited for Kenna to wake up.
7:00- KENNA woke up!
7:01- we went upstairs to wake up Grandma and Grandpa
7:05- we open presents
8:10- my camera pooped out and my mom let me borrow hers
8:15- we eat and get ready for church
10:00- Church
2:00- the kids daddy comes
2:05- more presents
5:00- opened presents and had dinner at Grandpa Pete's house
9:00- more gift admiration and assembly of some things
10:00- bed time
 Kenna got EVERYTHING that was on her "nist". Sulli got an exersaucer from daddy. I'm still cleaning up the mess. =)

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